Industrial contractors evaluate Fusion for Energy


Striving for continuous improvement, F4E asked its industrial contractors to evaluate its contractual performance and other relevant administrative practices. F4E has passed this examination with flying colours, averaging more than 73% positive feedback in all categories, with 86% of the companies declaring that they would be willing to continue doing business with F4E.

The Market Analysis Group of the Joint Undertaking invited 149 companies, all of which signed a contract between 2017-2019, to participate to the survey. The response rate of 40% was very encouraging and above the average participation for this kind of exercise.

The survey consisted in a set of qualitative questions to assess the level of agreement/satisfaction on several areas: satisfaction with F4E practices; F4E meeting expectations regarding unforeseen events and changes; satisfaction with F4E’s responsiveness; evaluation of business relationship with F4E and willingness to keep doing business with F4E.

The contractors also had the possibility to include recommendations for improvement areas. Many called for a simplification of some contractual conditions, the need to improve communication, and some flexibility in the schedule.

We are obviously satisfied with the positive results, they acknowledge the efforts made to go beyond a typical buyer/supplier relationship and to establish effective partnership with our contractors”.

Leonardo Biagioni, Deputy Head of the Commercial Department.

Satisfaction with F4E’s practices – average 74% of Strongly Agree/Agree

Satisfaction with F4E’s response to unforeseen events and changes – average 76% of Often/Always

Satisfaction with F4E’s general responsiveness – average 72% of Very Good/Excellent

Evaluation of business relationship with F4E – average 78% of Very Good/Excellent

Willingness to keep doing business with F4E – average 86% of Very/Extremely Likely