Lifting the massive girders of the ITER Assembly Hall

The girders arriving at the ITER Assembly Hall, Cadarache, June 2015, ITER IO ©

A new F4E clip has been released documenting the voyage of the massive ITER Assembly Hall girders. You may have seen the final result of the spectacular lifting operation and the installation of the bulky components. But aren’t you a bit curious to find out how it happened? We take you behind the scenes of the impressive operation.

We started filming in March when the first steel structures arrived at the port of Marseille and concluded with their installation in July at the ITER construction site. We spoke to Roberto Lanza, ITER International Organization, to understand the function of the girders and learnt some interesting details about the way they will work as part of the cranes. We followed their transport, which due to their size have claimed the title of the biggest ITER convoy in the history, and asked Ben Slee, F4E Technical Support Services, how the different teams collaborated to deliver the heavy material to ITER.

if you cannot view the clip click here