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Media Corner


15 April 2011
The contract for supercomputer centre between CEA and Bull marks an important milestone of Europe’s contribution to the Broader Approach.
14 April 2011
F4E’s Governing Board opens a call for expressions of interest for new members of its Executive Committee and Technical Advisory Panel.
13 April 2011
Four brand new clips unveiling a fresh F4E look have been added in our multimedia section. You can also check out the latest pictures.
09 March 2011
Over the last couple of months we have been working towards a new set of publications which offer up to date information regarding F4E...
24 February 2011
The latest issue of F4E News our electronic quarterly newsletter, is now published.
22 February 2011
F4E has awarded a contract for cabling and jacketing of approximately 20 km of ITER Toroidal Field (TF) conductors and in the region of...
22 February 2011
Manufacturing of a prototype for the first diagnostic component to be supplied by F4E to ITER, the Continuous External Rogowski (CER) coils,
22 February 2011
At the beginning of November 2010, F4E Director Frank Briscoe and ITER Director-General Osamu Motojima signed the Procurement Arrangement...
18 February 2011
In late 2010 F4E hosted an information meeting presenting the overall construction strategy and the procurement packages in...
28 January 2011
With 160 engineers and 140 workers on the ground, construction on the ITER site has taken off!