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03 October 2017
Testing focussed on assessing whether the diagnostic LTCC sensors will be able to withstand the exposure to neutrons in ITER.
25 September 2017
Discover the secret of the ITER site and the progress of its main facilities.
13 September 2017
Spain, through the national fusion research centre CIEMAT, has delivered this component in collaboration with F4E.
29 August 2017
The component is ready to undergo a series of performance tests.
16 August 2017
F4E’s Director visited the Chinese ITER Domestic Agency and two fusion research institutes to learn about the status of ITER contributions.
08 August 2017
The first stage of the pre-qualification of additional suppliers for ITER’s Divertor Inner Vertical Target manufacture has been completed.
03 August 2017
Why is a cover being installed in the building that will house the ITER device?
26 July 2017
How is Europe progressing towards the manufacturing of these components?
17 July 2017
F4E and laboratories poised to deliver the “eyes” that will help engineers to see in the biggest fusion device.
13 July 2017
Discover the merits of fusion power.A new clip takes you behind the scenes of the biggest international scientific collaboration in history.