Contract signed for ITER emergency electrical power

ITER construction site, November 2020, Cadarache, France © ITER Organization/EJF Riche

F4E has signed a a contract with Ansaldo Nucleare and its partner Monsud, for the emergency electrical power distribution system. The value of the contract is in the range of 100 million EUR over a period of five years. This contract covers the design, implementation, testing and commissioning of the system in addition to the design and construction of the respective buildings.

The emergency electricity distribution system will provide power to systems and components whose operation ensures that ITER is kept in a safe mode in the event of a loss of offsite power and/or external grid disruption. Ansaldo Nucleare will integrate and co-ordinate many areas of expertise to complete this critical infrastructure.

Johannes Schwemmer, Director of Fusion for Energy (F4E), stated: “Our partnership with Ansaldo Nucleare is further strengthened through the signature of this important contract. We rely on their expertise to ensure the successful completion of this essential system for the ITER project.”

“Ansaldo Nucleare and its partner Monsud are honoured to have been selected by F4E to design, build and commission the infrastructure and buildings required for the safe power of the biggest fusion device. This latest contract is confirming the strategic importance of fusion energy for the Ansaldo Energia group mobilising its best resources for the success of such an ambitious project,” explained Luca Manuelli, Ansaldo Nucleare CEO. 

Ansaldo Nucleare, a company of the Ansaldo Energia Group, has been involved from the start of the ITER project  including the production of the European contribution to the vacuum vessel and its assembly through the leadership of the Dynamic Consortium.