Discover the winner of the F4E Technology Transfer Demonstrator Project

Technicians cross-checking data during the manufacturing of Europe’s Poloidal Field coils, Cadarache, France. Image taken in 2019 complying with Health and Safety measures at the time.

The moment to unveil the recipient of the F4E Technology Transfer Demonstrator Project has come. Following the evaluation of various proposals, the committee is ready to announce the winner who has demonstrated strong potential towards the integration of a fusion technology beyond this area. And as the race of one award comes to an end, we will mark the beginning of another, because F4E will use this occasion to open the competition for the second edition of the Technology Transfer Award, rewarding the use of fusion technologies in the market, with a prize of 10 000 EUR.

Join us on Wednesday, 2 February 2022, 11:00 CET

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