Have no fear-the F4E Magnets superheroes are here!

F4E Superheroes standing inside the first ITER Poloidal Field coil produced in Europe.

Describing professional tasks to someone outside your work environment is always tricky. We find comfort in using our internal jargon, and stumble for words as we try to explain what we do. Let alone, if we are involved in the production of massive superconducting magnets that are part of ITER-the biggest international fusion experiment. For those not familiar with the context, we probably lost you already. But, just hold on for another minute.

ITER will master the technologies to deliver fusion energy like no other device to date. Amongst its various components, magnets will play a crucial part by creating a massive “cage” to confine the super-hot gas.  Six of these magnets, known as Poloidal Field (PF) coils, will embrace the hot gas from top to bottom in order to control its shape and stability. Europe is responsible for the production of five of these magnets and Russia for one. Trying to tell the story of those contributing to the production of these magnets runs the risk of another long piece with quotes and credits. But, what if we stirred things a bit? How about telling a technical story differently, unveiling the magic powers of the F4E superheroes making things possible?

Alessandro Bonito-Oliva,
Alessandro Bonito-Oliva, F4E Magnets Programme Manager, as Captain Bonito

To highlight the team spirit and the people behind the production of these impressive magnets we focused on the colleagues behind these components. An illustration of super humans joining forces to deliver in the name of Europe. We embarked on this creative journey with the help of a professional illustrator and developed their personas.

Valerie Casarin
Valerie Casarin, Commercial Manager for PF coils, as Mrs Deal

Soundbites coming from them offer us a glimpse of the challenges they faced. They share their thoughts on how setting up a factory from scratch, to manufacture these magnets, has been an incredible experience and how it changed them.

Thierry Boutboul
Thierry Boutboul, F4E Magnets Project Manager at the time, as Dr Fix

The result is a funny and educational book for someone who wants to learn more about fusion energy, Europe’s contribution to ITER, and how humans can save the world if they truly wish.

If you are curious to see for yourself click here.