Inside the ITER Vacuum Vessel factory – exclusive video

Welding in progress for the segments of sectors 4 and 9 of the European contribution to ITER’s Vacuum Vessel, Walter Tosto, Chieti, Italy, March 2021.

Walter Tosto, one of the F4E contractors involved in the manufacturing of the ITER Vacuum Vessel, opens the doors of its factory to give us a rare glimpse of the progress. With the help of a drone, we enter inside the clean room where dimensional checks are carried out for sector 5, and welding operations for sectors 4 and 9.  Europe is responsible for five of the nine sectors of the vacuum vessel, the toroidal chamber that will house the fusion reaction. F4E is working together with the consortium of Ansaldo NucleareMangiarottiWalter Tosto (AMW), and an extensive network of subcontractors, to deliver the European contribution.