See the first phase of the ITER assembly

New video takes you inside the biggest fusion device.


Earlier this summer the seven ITER Parties announced the start of assembly of the most complex fusion device in history. Putting together one million main components, and at least ten million sub-components, promises to be a fascinating exercise requiring precision and impeccable logistics. Massive cranes and sophisticated tooling will be required to transfer the equipment from the Assembly Hall to the Tokamak building—the home of the fusion device.

F4E, managing Europe’s contribution, is responsible for manufacturing nearly half of the components, all buildings and infrastructure on-site. ITER Organization has the duty to co-ordinate the collaboration of the seven parties involved in the project and overview the assembly of the machine. A bit like a maestro of an orchestra trying to fuse all contributions into a symphony. A new clip has been produced showing step-by-step the first phase of the ITER assembly. Have a look!