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Media Corner


02 February 2012
The supercomputer has passed its acceptance tests achieving 1,132 Petaflop LINPACK performance.
27 January 2012
Read the latest developments and view the new images and clips!
24 January 2012
F4E has signed a contract to receive engineering support over the next four years in the field of remote handling.
20 January 2012
The edition of the Geography textbook “France et Europe” by Les Edition Magnard reports on Europe’s contribution to the ITER project.
23 December 2011
2011 has been the year that fundamentally transformed the ITER construction site in Cadarache.
22 December 2011
An agreement has been adopted to provide 1.3 billion EUR of additional funds for Europe’s contribution to ITER over the next two years.
24 November 2011
An overview of all activities conducted by F4E and the major achievements of Europe’s contribution to the ITER project.
24 November 2011
Find out what has been happening on the ITER site.
26 October 2011
Stuart Ward, Chair of the Governing Board, unfolds his vision.
21 October 2011
Take a guided tour at the PF Coils and Tokamak buildings. The new clips are here!