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Media Corner


12 December 2012
The Blanket Integrated Project Team (IPT) quarterly meeting enabled work to advance successfully on the ITER Blanket project.
04 December 2012
Belgium’s voluntary contribution to the Broader Approach is delivered to the Toroidal Field coil test facility of CEA in Saclay.
13 November 2012
F4E tells UK companies about the procurement process and procurement opportunities that are arising from the construction of ITER.
12 November 2012
An information day held in Barcelona on 15 October, gave insight on the technical, legal and procurement aspects of this task.
23 October 2012
A significant number of key Czech industry players as well as representatives from associations and research centres attended the event.
28 September 2012
F4E communicates the latest on components, procurement and business opportunities.
29 August 2012
The high interest for fusion and the ITER project is clear during F4E’s participation at the technology festival.
14 August 2012
F4E’s Information Day about the Toroidal Field coils insertion procurement brought together representatives from 20 European companies.
09 August 2012
A total of 53 European companies learnt more about the upcoming Project Management Framework Call for Tender to be launched in October.
08 August 2012
F4E joins scientists, business leaders and science communicators in Dublin to present the ITER project at Europe’s largest science meeting.