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Media Corner


07 June 2017
A key F4E milestone has been achieved.
25 May 2017
The 70 pieces of equipment for the ITER magnets have been successfully manufactured.
19 May 2017
The core of ITER’s first Toroidal Field coil is ready thanks to F4E and its industrial partners
16 May 2017
How one of Europe’s biggest construction sites has been completely transformed.
03 May 2017
The panel of experts will be visiting the sites during summer.
28 April 2017
Engineers in Europe and China collaborate to deliver five out of the six massive magnets.
27 April 2017
Overwhelming majority vote underlines renewed confidence on ITER project and F4E
21 April 2017
The LiFus6 facility replicates the demanding environment of IFMIF.
06 April 2017
F4E offers a fantastic opportunity to contribute to its strategic leadership as part of the senior management team in the role as Head of ITER Delivery.
31 March 2017
Full power for the world’s biggest fusion device.