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Media Corner


19 April 2016
The first Toroidal Field coil enters final manufacturing steps!
13 April 2016
First components to nestle in the Tokamak complex.
13 April 2016
Revised schedule and cost estimate are expected to be approved in June
30 March 2016
CNIM and Group Spie batignolles seize ITER business potential.
29 March 2016
Two metallic beams measuring 46 metres will help to lift the heavy components.
17 March 2016
F4E and its contractors to deliver the first Toroidal Field coil-one of the biggest and most complex magnet in history.
09 March 2016
Liquid helium inner-tank has successfully passed leak detection tests.
04 March 2016
It is the first time a complete model of the entire ITER TF system has been developed with such a level of detail.
02 March 2016
The JT-60SA's first Toroidal Field (TF) coil has completed its cryogenic temperature 4.5k tests at the Cold Test Facility at CEA Saclay.
29 February 2016
F4E and its suppliers conclude production.