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Media Corner


30 October 2015
The ITER bioshield is starting to take shape.
27 October 2015
Paving the way for the first engineering hub on site
26 October 2015
A new chapter for the impressive Poloidal Field coils.
21 October 2015
Johannes Schwemmer has a proven track record in international collaboration, project management and business strategy.
20 October 2015
What is changing on the ITER construction site?
14 October 2015
High Voltage units to be manufactured for the power supplies of the Neutral Beam Injector.
09 October 2015
A new publication reporting on the facts, figures and our main achievements.
08 October 2015
Testing on how to clean the mirrors and to determine the best mirror surface to use for the ITER environment is currently being carried out.
06 October 2015
This high precision milling machine is vital in the vacuum vessel manufacturing.
21 September 2015
Applications should be submitted by 31 October 2015.