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23 September 2011
Jean-Marc Filhol, a French national, took up his duties on 1 August as Head of the ITER Department.
22 September 2011
Another F4E milestone is met: CNIM and SIMIC report the successful completion of two full size radial plate prototypes.
01 September 2011
Check out the new clip from the site of the Tokamak building complex now available on the F4E website multimedia section.
25 August 2011
The work of establishing the supporting plinths for the upper basemat has begun.
11 August 2011
On Tuesday 9 August at 5:00 we started pouring concrete in the Tokamak complex.
01 August 2011
The contract that will transform the ITER platform into one of Europe’s biggest engineering sites has been signed between F4E and COMSA EMTE
15 July 2011
We have decided to look back on some key moments of the ITER construction site in order to grasp the volume of progress.
05 July 2011
Hans Jahreiss, a German national, took up his duties on 1 July as Head of Administration.
22 June 2011
F4E presents new images and film clips from the ITER site and launches its YouTube channel.
22 June 2011
The European DIPOle project delivers a high field magnet in order to test the ITER cable-in-conduit conductors and superconductors.