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23 June 2017
Ice and fire get ready to collide in world’s biggest fusion device.
21 June 2017
F4E and RACE are testing cutting and welding technologies in extreme conditions.
15 June 2017
The document aims at getting the support of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU on the revised budget and schedule.
12 June 2017
Engineering Prize is a tribute to the work and commitment of F4E staff
09 June 2017
These coils will measure the magnetic field strength surrounding the ITER machine core.
08 June 2017
Bending 760 m of Niobium Tin for the last time.
07 June 2017
A key F4E milestone has been achieved.
25 May 2017
The 70 pieces of equipment for the ITER magnets have been successfully manufactured.
19 May 2017
The core of ITER’s first Toroidal Field coil is ready thanks to F4E and its industrial partners
16 May 2017
How one of Europe’s biggest construction sites has been completely transformed.