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20 April 2018
The eighteenth and final Toroidal Field coil has been installed in JT-60SA.
18 April 2018
Our latest clip shows one of the most challenging transports ever contracted by F4E: the air freight of the last two TF coils for JT-60SA.
16 April 2018
The test bed of the ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility is ready!
16 April 2018
Europe reaffirms its commitment to the ITER project and to the 2025 target date
26 March 2018
F4E, Ampegon and ITER IO test the first of the Electron Cyclotron power supply units.
19 March 2018
F4E and ASIPP half way to completing the winding and impregnation of the superconductors.
14 March 2018
A spectacular lifting operation delivered by F4E, its contractors, and ITER International Organization.
02 March 2018
SPIDER beam source gets installed in its vacuum vessel.
26 February 2018
After an intense and long journey, the JT-60SA Toroidal Field (TF) coils #17 and #20 have reached the JT-60SA Naka site in Japan.
20 February 2018
Arriving in style in an Antonov-124, the TF coils have travelled safely from Europe to Japan.