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07 February 2019
The crown and bioshield of the Tokamak building are completed. More facilities are ready to receive equipment.
04 February 2019
Experts from Europe and Japan follow in real time plasma experiment performed 9620 km away.
28 January 2019
Europe presents to experts the intricacies of the system during the Preliminary Design Review.
21 January 2019
F4E signs deals with Walter Tosto, and CNIM-SIMIC consortium for the production of In-Vessel components.
16 January 2019
F4E is on a mission to detect and localise them.
14 January 2019
The qualification related to the fabrication of the Electron Cyclotron Upper Launcher Blanket Shield Module is now successfully concluded.
09 January 2019
ITER Organization, F4E and CNIM unveil tooling that will put components under pressure.